Ford Wins the Reader's Digest Prize for 2016 Most Trusted Car Brand

The Ford brand was recently announced as one of the most trusted brands in America by the editors of Reader's Digest. Their initial search led them to investigate various automakers and they found plenty of reasons to nominate and eventually award Ford for the title. Considering the hard-work and dedication that goes into the creation of all their models, this award is justly earned.

At Arundel Ford, we have seen the progress of the Ford product lineup firsthand. Each new release sees a noticeable improvement from the last and does well to demonstrate the company's forward-thinking approach. But Ford models are not only dependable in terms of performance. They are consistently designed with comfort and convenience as a primary focus, which in turn gives drivers a great experience on the road. Affordability is yet another factor that sets it apart from its rivals. Taking these factors into mind, we feel that Reader's Digest is right in highlighting the Ford brand.

If you're interested in getting a closer look at what Ford vehicles can do, then we suggest you come and see them in person at our dealership.

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