Drive Safely this Season with Our Winter Car Care Tips

The weather is getting colder, the snow is already starting to fall in places across the country, and driving safely is as important as ever before as we head into winter. We here at Arundel Ford hold your safety as our highest priority, so take a look below and get some quick Winter Car Care Tips to make your trips around Arundel, ME as safe, warm, and secure as possible.



Winter Car Care Tips with Arundel Ford

  • First up, make sure your tires are properly filled with air. The cold temperatures compresses the air, leaving your tires a bit flat, so be sure to give them a fill-up if and when necessary.
  • Check to make sure all of your lights are working, front and back, for proper visibility in any weather or time of day.
  • Put some extra warm blankets in your trunk in case you get stuck somewhere and have to wait for assistance.
  • Put on some winter tires! They're made with a kind of rubber that stays softer and more flexible in cold temperatures than summer or all-season tires, ensuring better grip on the roads all season long even if there's no snow or ice.
  • For everything else, schedule an appointment with our service center and have our technicians give your vehicle a check-up, repairs, or some routine maintenance for anything you need. They can change your oil, rotate your tires, align your wheels, and much more to ensure optimal winter driving and safety.

If you have any questions for us, please call us at (844) 338-8748 or come see us at our Arundel dealership location. We hope to see you soon and, even more so, hope you have a safe and magical holiday season!

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