Many instances of vehicle breakdowns are a simple case of excessive wear and tear. This can occur when vehicles are not appropriately maintained and serviced on time. By continuing awareness of your vehicle's needs and suggested maintenance schedule, you can ensure you are following the manufacturer's guidelines for peak performance and longevity around Kennebunk.

Adhering to a recommended schedule makes the process easier on you and your service provider. It can also save owners time and money on essential services that keep their vehicles in tip-top shape. Follow the recommendations below to ensure your vehicle's Arundel-specific service and maintenance needs are being met in the Wells area.

Following the Owner's Manual

The first step in detecting your vehicle's specific maintenance protocol is to become familiar with your Ford's owner's manual. Buyers will receive an owner's manual with new vehicle purchases or can find replacements through their local Arundel Ford. An owner's manual is a book that tells drivers all about their vehicle, including recommended maintenance schedules, techniques, and guidelines. This will form the initial basis for establishing a routine maintenance schedule.

Common Maintenance Procedures

Many maintenance procedures follow a schedule that mimics the environment and weather of the locale. Prepping your vehicle for summertime is crucially important due to the propensity of heat to accelerate the degradation of materials and vehicle wear and tear.

Oil Changes

One of the most common vehicle maintenance procedures is routine oil changes. Dealers often give out vouchers for a certain number of free oil changes after they purchase a vehicle. This gets buyers into the routine of doing so regularly. Investing in regular oil changes helps keep internal components lubricated properly, reduce tension between parts, and ensure maximum performance.

Fluid Checks

Routine checks of vehicle fluid levels should be performed at an owner level. For buyers who are unfamiliar with this or are new to vehicle ownership, Arundel Ford can help explain and display these procedures. When the fluid gets to an unacceptable level, more must be added, often before an owner can reach a dealership. While it certainly is essential for the service department to check these levels during appointments, it is also important for owners to monitor and maintain fluid levels in the meantime.

Brake Pad Maintenance

Aside from acceleration, one of the most important aspects of a vehicle is the ability to stop quickly and efficiently. Brake components are essential for keeping passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers safe. Checking brake pads are usually a part of the tire inspection procedure during service appointments. The amount of wear on the pads is assessed, and owners are notified if a replacement is necessary. Replacing brake pads, especially before the hot summer months, is extremely important. Heat can cause additional wear and tear on these already popular vehicle components.

Belt and Hose Inspection

Another common woe in vehicle breakdown is the tearing or stretching of belts and hoses to the point that they are no longer able to be utilized. Checking these items frequently can help owners identify areas in need of repair and heading off a larger problem that could occur later. If a belt or hose breaks, it can take a substantial amount of time to find an appropriate replacement and obtain it. Therefore, preparation before this event is beneficial for owners.

Professional Advice and Service

Maintaining a recommended vehicle servicing schedule can be confusing and difficult to follow regularly. Arundel Ford can help set appointments, schedule reminders, and guide maintenance recommendations. Also, they can work with manufacturer warranties and insurance programs to get acceptable service and repairs covered, as they should be. Let the professionals at Arundel Ford help educate you on how to maintain and repair your vehicle properly. We will have you back on the Sanford road in no time.

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