Winter in Maine can stay below freezing during the day and dip below zero during the coldest months of the season. Extreme weather conditions like these can put an enormous amount of stress on your vehicle and make driving in Arundel, ME, more challenging. As a Ford dealer serving Biddeford, we are here to help you take on whatever winter has to offer and make sure that you drive with confidence.

Learn more about the importance of preparing for winter and how our service center near Sanford, ME, can help.

The Importance of Winter Maintenance

Whether it's heavy snow or cold temperatures, it's crucial to ensure that your car is up to the task. Having your vehicle fail you when you need it is not only inconvenient but can highly dangerous. Our service center near Kennebunk helps drivers prepare for winter with expert Ford service, a state-of-the-art facility, and genuine Ford parts.

Our team can run diagnostics and perform multi-point inspections to determine the condition of your vehicle and what maintenance it may need. We can provide estimates for winter service and repairs for full transparency.

Winter Tires

When it's time to drive in snow or cold temperatures, there's no substitute for winter tires. With sleet, ice, and snow, you want to ensure that you maximize your traction and grip. If you're planning on driving in all types of winter conditions, snow tires offer unparalleled performance. Winter tires are specially designed for the challenges you face during winter.

All-season and summer tires won't cut it during winter. While you may find that you can get by on warmer days and clear roads, even then, you could be at risk. All-season and summer tires become rigid in colder temperatures, causing a loss in traction. Winter tires are made with a freezing-resistant rubber that retains its suppleness and traction even in freezing temperatures.

If you already have winter tires, it's worth checking to ensure they are road-ready. Our service team can check the tread depth to make sure they still have enough grip. We also offer tire rotations, alignments, and balancing to help your tires wear evenly for maximum longevity.

Battery Service

Cold temperatures strain car batteries, which can lead to a dead battery. The last thing that you want is a car that doesn’t start during winter, so it's crucial to find battery service and replacements when needed. Luckily, we offer cold weather batteries that can withstand any cold snap in the Wells, ME, area, and expert battery service to help you get the most out of your current battery.

If you notice that your lights are dim or your engine is having trouble starting, it may be time for battery service or a replacement. Our team can clean connections, replace components, and test your battery to prepare for winter.

Heating and Defrosting Components

Whether you're trying to stay warm or clear your windows of frost, your heating and defrosting components are a must. Our service team can check to make sure that your car's heating system is working in the event of getting stranded in a snowstorm or just commuting to work.

Brake Service

During winter, you want to keep your stopping distances as short as possible. Our team can check brake pads, calipers, and rotors to ensure that you are getting the maximum stopping power available. If you hear screeching when braking or the pedal has to be pressed further than usual, schedule brake service as soon as possible.

How You Can Prepare

Our staff can take care of the more complicated service and maintenance, but you can take some steps on your own. We recommend that you keep an eye on your fluids and check regularly so that you don't run out. Even something like windshield wiper fluid can make all the difference in your visibility.

Schedule Winter Service

By acting proactively, you can get the most out of winter and avoid issues by servicing your vehicle with us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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