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While it's always nice to have the freedom that comes with a properly functioning vehicle, it's likely that, at some point, Biddeford drivers will need to get their vehicle serviced. From the changing of tires to ensure your vehicle has proper traction on the roads to routine auto maintenance (and beyond), the Arundel Ford service team of technicians is ready to assist Sanford and Kennebunk, ME drivers with nearly all their service needs. Oil changes, tire rotations, filters, brakes, batteries - the Arundel Ford team is ready to help!

Oil Changes

Playing an essential role in lubricating your engine, oil might seem like a rather minor (and forgettable) maintenance needs, but it's certainly one of the most important. While oil may seem like a clear-cut thing, over time your oil becomes saturated with tiny metal shavings that reduce the efficiency of your oil. Oil transfers heat away from parts of your engine, and if left unchanged, your engine can be damaged. If unable to transfer heat properly, your engine parts can warp due to heat. Wells, ME drivers can look to our service team for oil change assistance!

Tire Rotations

Ensuring that your vehicle's tires are wearing evenly is an important part of maintaining optimum road traction and tire longevity. From loading your truck with heavy items to a number of other reasons, uneven weight distribution in your vehicle can result in increased tire wear. Ensure that your tires wear evenly by rotating them. Have some questions about tire rotations? Check out our service center page!


There are more filters in your vehicle than just an air filter! While it might be easily forgettable, your vehicle has an array of filters that help it run smoothly. From oil filters to fuel, cabin, emission, and engine filters - our service team is prepared to check out Kennebunk drivers' filters to make sure they're doing their job efficiently. If they're dirty and overused, our service team can replace them!


Have you noticed a screeching or grinding noise when you hit the brakes on Arundel, ME roads? It might be your brakes! Often, screeching and grinding indicate that your brake pads are worn out! The screeching noise might be your metal brakes discs hitting metal. If this is the case, it probably means your brake pads needs to be replaced.


Helping to start your vehicle, your battery is an essential, often overlooked, aspect of your vehicle. Don't wait until the day that your vehicle doesn't start to get your battery changed! Our service team is ready to inspect your battery and check it for corrosion and power levels to ensure its ready to last. Whether you're currently experiencing battery issues or you're looking to make sure you don't, our team of technicians is ready to take care of all your battery maintenance needs.

Visit the Arundel Ford Service Team!

Check out our latest service specials before scheduling an appointment! Our team is committed to providing drivers from Arundel, ME to Wells, ME - and beyond - with top-notch service. From general inspections to larger repair and maintenance tasks, our service team can likely help! Sanford, ME drivers are welcome to call our dealership before scheduling an appointment to make sure we can assist with your service needs! From oil changes to filter assistance, brakes, tire rotations, and much more; the Arundel Ford service team is ready to help! Schedule a service appointment today!

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